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New bathrooms, showers, kitchen sinks.
Outside taps supplied & fitted from €85.00
Garden water butts supplied & fitted from €95.00
Leaks repaired
Pumps supplied & repaired

New heating installations for oil or gas / repairs.
Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)
New / extra radiators / radiators moved
Heating pumps
Boilers gas & oil
Leaks & repairs

Thermostatic radiator valves basically adjust the temperature of each individual radiator (and also the room) separately. The old style of putting a thermostat in the one area you don’t live in (the hall) obviously wasn’t very practical. So a thermostat in each room regulating each individual radiator makes a lot of sense. You can have the rooms you are in most warm while you might want your bedrooms a little cooler.

This makes Thermostatic radiator valves very economical. You save money & your home is much more comfortable at the same time.



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